Debanjan Parbat


Debanjan Parbat is an experienced researcher in the higher education industry with a focus on exploring IoT and AI in healthcare technology.


With expertise in Python, Sensors, and Bluetooth low energy as well as familiarity with various software like MATLAB, Origin, and Microsoft Office, Mr. Parbat is skilled in the development of wearable medical devices. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Biomedical Instrumentation, he is specializing in Nonlinear Time Series Analysis techniques on Cognitive Neuro-dynamics, Cardiovascular dynamics, and Muscle control dynamics for applications in medical device and computer-aided diagnosis using AI and ML. Mr. Parbat has worked at Jadavpur University as a Senior Research Fellow for five years, where he contributed to various research projects related to medical technology. Debanjan has more than 10 research paper publications in international peer reviewed journals and conferences and strong research experience in the field of Medical Devices and Biomedical Signal Processing with extended focus on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Debajan is a Professional Member of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Mr. Parbat’s knowledge of IoT and AI in medical technology makes him a valuable contributor to the industry.