Dr. Hardik Bhatt


Dr. Hardik Bhatt is a skilled and committed professional with a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


With a strong background in drug product life cycle management, Dr. Bhatt has expertise in various areas such as drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical trials, medical and regulatory writing, risk management, and pharmacovigilance. Dr. Bhatt’s technical skills include using Artificial Intelligence-based models for toxicity prediction, pharmacodynamics, and ADME, as well as analyzing complex data to improve pharmacovigilance and clinical trials’ efficiency. Demonstrating strong work ethics, Dr. Bhatt is committed to achieving successful outcomes every time. Skilled in regulatory strategy development, Dr. Bhatt has worked in pharmaceuticals specialized in Oncology, Diabetes, Immunology, Respiratory, and other crucial disease management. Dr. Bhatt’s delivery of regulatory compliance, regulatory strategy development, and risk-mitigation strategies to maximize drug efficiency and minimizing the toxicities makes him an expert in the pharmaceutical domain.