Pharma Intelligence (PI Solutions)


Project Number
Project Name
PMS ++
Planning and tracking of drug development across entire life cycle with AI enabled smart features with intuitive interface, best practices, techniques, and methodologies that automate and optimize critical path analysis, multiple scenarios, budgeting, reporting, and forecasting
QMS ++
Quality management system with AI enabled smart features and intuitive interface that automate and optimize interface, engagement, process, CAPA, change control, electronic training and document management.
PV ++
a comprehensive pharmacovigilance platform which enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to make faster and better safety decisions, optimize global compliance and easily integrate risk management.
RA ++
Effectively managing documents, data and processes in compliance with varying regulatory standards around the world is complex and time-consuming.
eCTD ++
web-based dossier creation, management, and publishing tool designed to meet the ICH eCTD standard while also allowing for best practice processes to be employed. deep understanding of the requirements for meeting and maintaining compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and other international standards.
AI ECG APP & Portal
A platform where users can access real time ECG data generated by the ECG patch.