May 25, 2023


Location: Ahmedabad
Times: 09:30 am – 06:30 pm
Desired Experience: 1 – 2 Years


Cheminformatics should have an understanding of storing, indexing, searching, retrieving, and applying information about chemical compounds (e.g., physical properties, spectroscopic signatures, etc.) to drug data.

Key Requirements:

  • Screen databases and libraries that contain both actual and hypothetical chemical compounds.
  • Screen large combinatorial databases for the molecules most likely to provide a specific therapeutic effect.
  • Interpret the data collected from various sources and make it machine learning model readable.
  • Collect, clean and optimize the data for the model building. Transform the data into the required format.
  • Identifying chemical property classifications and trends from large databases using mathematical techniques.
  • Developing methods and capabilities for archiving and retrieving data on molecular structures, reaction pathways, molecular interactions, or other phenomena.
  • Should be well versed with the drug discovery life cycle, including QSAR, molecular docking, pharmacophore mapping, molecular dynamics, side effect study, PK/PD and toxicity analysis.

Desired qualifications and skills:

  • At least a master’s degree in Pharmacy (M.Pharm).
  • Strong working knowledge of computational drug discovery cycle.
  • Should have 2+ years of past experience working in the field of drug analysis.
  • Ability to handle unstructured/structured data for mathematical model analysis.
  • Excellent written and oral communications skill.